Note: I haven’t write in English for a while so sorry for English mistakes. Any recommendations are appreciated, thanks!

When I was in university, I started blogging for just fun. I was really pleasurable experience for me. When I look at my previous posts I can really see changes in me and my style. I wish I had continued to write. There would be more resource and more shame for pushing continuing to improve.

On the other hand, I also feel proud. Because, I tried and even I did not have enough knowledge to explain something made an alert for readers that I warned people about wrong knowledge or information.

I stopped blogging because time management, negative comments & manners from surroundings. My last post was in December 2, 2013. Now it is 21 August 2017… Now again I wanted to start blogging again. Hope this time I don't give up easily.

Stay tuned, cheers.

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